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StopFurTrade is a Campaign led by Protection 4 Animals dedicated to stopping the barbaric and horrendous practice of SKINNING Animals ALIVE for their Fur Worldwide

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Australian Government Turns A Blind Eye On Dog Fur Trade

Humane Society International (HSI) has confirmed fears that the Australian Government is failing to enforce a ban on Cat and Dog Fur coming into Country. Independent Scientific Tests at three (3) different labs have proven retail outlets in Australia, including major department stores, are not only selling garments trimmed with Dog Fur, but also laced with Hexavalent Chromium a proven Carcinogenic, an agent directly involved in causing Cancer.

This is despite a ban the Howard Government imposed against the importation of Cat and Dog fur in 2004 following the overwhelming public outcry when HSI first exposed the cruel trade. Correspondence with the current Government shows they are not taking it seriously.

Australian Government Turns A Blind Eye On The Dog Fur Trade

Australian Government Turns A Blind Eye On The Dog

Adding insult to injury, the University of NSW Analytical Centre has now uncovered dangerously high levels of toxicity in the leather from the Fur vests that tested positive as Dog. Hexavalent chromium or toxic chromium in the Fur vests was up to 733 times higher than recommended levels.

Hexavalent chromium is classified as a Class 1 Human Carcinogen by the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Hexavalent Chromium is also on the National Pollutant Inventory list, and reported to usually be highly toxic.

Fur vests are a popular fashion item this season and the trend is predicted to increase next winter. The Fur is often “Mislabeled” as Rabbit Fur or often made up names like Gae Wolf, Katzenfelt or Rex Rabbit, or just as “Fur” without the animal being specified.

Our undercover investigation* in China revealed the Heart Breaking Cruelty Dogs Suffer in the Fur farms. Dogs are skinned alive to preserve their pelts and pet dogs are often kidnapped for the trade.

*Warning the footage in this video may be disturbing to some viewers


HSI urges the Government to take the import ban seriously and direct Customs to undertake proper enforcement. We are also calling for immediate changes to labelling laws that would ensure that all fur products are labelled with the species and country of origin so that consumers, and retailers, are not misled.

“Despite bans on the importation of cat and dog fur being implemented back in 2004, following our global campaign, seven years later it would appear that these items have once again infiltrated our borders,” states Verna Simpson, HSI Director.

“When we go public on this issue the response is overwhelming, attracting by far the largest outcry of all the animal causes HSI has ever championed. Australian consumers certainly don’t want to purchase dog and cat fur products and most Australian retailers do not want to be at risk of selling it. It is unfortunate that the Minister has not intervened, to ensure the gaps allowing these illegal products onto the Australian market are closed immediately, and not pushed for tighter labelling laws to protect both consumers and retailers,” says Verna Simpson, HSI Director.

“There is no doubt there is dog fur entering Australia again this winter. We have absolute faith in the tests we conducted and the scientists engaged are beyond reproach. The sad fact is that dogs are still being horrifically killed in China for the Australian fashion market and retailers and consumers are still being deceived,” Verna Simpson states.

Source: HSI

Protection 4 Animals Worldwide

Protection 4 Animals Worldwide

Protection 4 Animals supports the total banning of the Fur Trade. Currently while officially Dog and Cat Fur is banned in many countries, this does not apply to the Raccoon Dogs being Skinned Alive for their Fur.

Make no mistake this is a Barbaric process carried out by Brutal Chinese workers, that Beat the Dogs with Iron Bars, Kick Stomp, Slam them against concrete walls/floors to stop them struggling. 

Then the Fur is Slowly Torn from their bodies in the most agonising and sickening way. They are then thrown to one side where they suffer the most horrendous deaths, that can last up to 3 hours.

Please Sign Our Petition To Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive and Suffering a Slow, Sickening, Horrendous Deaths. Click Here To Sign Our Petition These poor animals need your support, tell all your friends and family, thank you.

You can Email Stop Fur Trade by Clicking Here.



Ricky Gervais Calls Fur Farmers Disgusting C***s

First Published By Ali Berman 1st January 2012

Ricky Gervais Calls Fur Farmer Disgusting Cunts

Ricky Gervais Can’t Hide His Feelings on the Actions of Dogs Being Skinned Alive for their Fur and Expresses His Outrage at These Fur Farmers and the People Who Wear Fur.

Ricky Gervais Calls “Fur Farmers Disgusting Cunts”

Ricky Gervais isn’t known for his self-censorship. Whether it’s the Golden Globes or his twitter account, the comedian tells the truth, even when it’s not the most popular opinion. Thankfully for animals, Gervais recently tweeted his thoughts on Fur. As you might imagine, the animal advocate isn’t a fan of skinning animals for fashion. It starts out pretty innocent with a ‘please’ but it becomes obvious what Gervais thinks of those who make money off of selling fur.

He Tweeted, “Please don’t buy fur. And let anyone who does know they’re supporting the disgusting c&#%@ who torture beautiful helpless creatures to death.”

He of course wrote out the word, but I’ll just leave it in the title… This insult came right after Protection 4 Animals @P4Animals and Stop Fur Trade @StopFurTrade  a Subsidiary of Protection 4 Animals  asked him to sign a petition against Dogs Being Skinned Alive in China for Fake Ugg boots.

Ricky Gervais retweeted and responded, “Petition? I want to fucking kill someone.”

It’s always great to have a powerful and fearless voice on the side of an important issue. And with winter here, it’s the perfect time to get the word out on why Fur is for the Dogs. Or the Minks. Or the Chinchillas. Basically, NOT for humans. Source:  ecorazzi